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Founded in 2016, Montry Blackbeard is a collaboration of two artists, Marc Montry and Gustavo Rodriguez. This unique partnership is dedicated to the design and manufacture of grand scale installation art centered around themes of science, literature and philosophy. As aesthetic displays of high-dimensional complex engineering, these abstract threedimensional forms are made of precision machined and water cut metals, glass, resins and stones in conjunction with light and kinetic movement.


Montry and Gustavo (also known as Blackbeard) set out to create a collection of different sculptures, artwork and furniture pieces, several of which were custom designed for private house owners. Most materials were sourced within the USA and are all built in Miami, Florida. Some pieces are meant for indoor display, while others can be enjoyed outdoors.

The current collection hosts two amazing centerpieces, Origins of Nuclei and Wishing Portal. Clients are welcome to view the collection at the gallery in Miami, where you can see both of these pieces and several other beautiful sculptures, furniture and paintings.